36th B&G Ball will go ahead on the 27th April, with proceeds from raffle going into relief efforts in Sri Lanka.
27 April 2019

36th B&G ball will be held on the 27th of April 2019 at Hyatt Regency (Churchill) 

Old Royalists’ Association in the United Kingdom (ORAUK) had planned our annual marquee event of B&G ball on 27th April 2019 and had completed almost all of the preparatory work for the event to go ahead. However, the events of Sunday 21st, placed on us, the Executive Committee, a heavy responsibility to re-consider hosting the event.

Our hearts are aching for the fellow Sri Lankans, and visitors to the country, who made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives, in the most unexpected manner, during the Easter weekend. We hope the families affected have the strength to cope with their loss, and the injured have a speedy recovery, they are in our prayers!!   Many of us are directly affected by the atrocities carried out by a senseless small group on 21st April 2019. 

However, after a long and elaborate discussions conducted over the internet/email, ORAUK decided, unanimously, to go ahead. Our position is that, we must show our resolve and spirit, and not give away to barbaric terrorism, We may fall , but we have the courage to get up and Rise as one, far stronger. We have plans in place to show our utmost respect to the people affected on the day of the event. Also, we have decided to donate all of the funds raised from the sale of raffle tickets to go towards 'rehabilitation funds'. If any patrons at the event donate any additional sums that too will be handed over to the group(s) managing the delivery of rehabilitation programme.

The situation demanded a decision had to be made, swiftly. We understand that our final decision may not be acceptable to every single one of you. But please be assured that we feel for the people back home, especially those who are directly affected by the callous act of a small group. Taking this stand today, we hope will send a message that we can’t be beaten by cowardice.

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